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Protective Linings Brochures - English

Polycorp Protective Linings are used to protect railcar and truck tanks, storage vessels, process equipment, and pipes from corrosive and abrasive materials.

With our extensive product catalogue, our engineers and chemists are available to recommend the best material for your project.

Polycorp-Protective-Linings---Linings-for-Corrosion-and-Abrasion-Protection-V10.pdf (2.47 MB)

Polycorp-Protective-Linings---Hydrochloric-Acid-Service-V8.pdf (2.83 MB)

Polycorp-Protective-Linings--Phosphoric-Acid-Service-V8.pdf (1.8 MB)

Polycorp-Protective-Linings--Moderate-Oil-Resistant-Linings-V6.pdf (3.78 MB)

Polycorp-Protective-Linings--Seawater-Corrosion-V5.pdf (4.85 MB)

Polycorp-Protective-Linings--Protecting-Against-Wear-and-Abrasion-V3.pdf (2.25 MB)

Polycorp-Protective-Linings--Rubber-Linings-Material-Selection-V5.pdf (1.52 MB)

Protective Linings Brochure - French

Polycorp-Protective-Linings---Division-Overview-FR.pdf (2.09 MB)

Journal Protective Coatings & Linings December 2006

Getting On Track With Railcar Linings For Chemical Service

December-2006-Journal-of-Protective-Coatings--Linings.pdf (693.4 KB)

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