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Unique maintenance needs demand dynamic elastomeric solutions. Polycorp products create a controlled buffer between the flexible track and the rigid roadway.

Tuned Mass Rail Damper (TMD)

Rail dampers provide significant noise reduction without the need to dig up the track and are simply added to an existing section of track with our patented EPLOCK TMD clip in seconds.

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Noise & Vibration

Polycorp offers a variety of embedded track systems for different applications. Each system can be tuned based on customer's requirements.

Resilient embedded track system is suitable for tracks that require a higher level of vibration attenuation. It can be used in any LRT system with any rail type.

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EPFLEX® Railseal, the revolutionary interface is uniquely engineered and manufactured from a specialized blend of high quality polymeric materials that provide superior abrasion, chemical and weather aging.

EPFLEX® Railseal Interface brings longevity and low maintenance to your railway crossing program.

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Polycorp 3D Track Support Products

Modern rail systems require greater stability and extended life. Polycorp track pads are application specific and designed for optimal service and value.

  • Heavy and light rail applications
  • Improve track stability
  • Extend life of track materials
  • Custom Designed Deflection values
  • Vibration Control
  • Bearing and Shim pads
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