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Discharge Systems

Polycorp specializes in the design and manufacture of Rubber Pulp Discharge Systems.

These systems are suitable for AG / SAG and primary ball mills. The Rubber Dischargers are manufactured with rubber hand-laid on a metal structure. Rubber Dischargers are designed and manufactured with wear resistant rubber for longer operating life and can also be designed with replaceable wear pads at maximum wear zones.

We are regularly supplying Rubber Dischargers for up to 40 ft diameter SAG mills worldwide.

Polycorp's Rubber Dischargers can be easily retro-fitted to replace steel dischargers with existing drilled holes in the discharge head.

Our Rubber Dischargers are specially designed to improve mill throughput and to avoid back flow of slurry into the mill.

Before shipping the discharge end parts are assembled on a wooden mill head mock-up. This confirms hole alignments and serves to avoid any clearance and fit issues that may arise during installation.

Discharge Systems
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