With our premium Polymeric linings and our value based T-series products we can provide the optimum solution for your corrosion or abrasion protection needs

Use the links below to obtain information on our lining products by brand or product code or use our interactive Chemical Resistance Tables to match your service conditions with the appropriate Polycorp product. For more complex conditions, feel free to contact us for a specific recommendation. In addition, our technical team is always willing to develop innovative products for new applications.


Our premium range of linings designed to meet the most exacting standards for quality and consistency. The material of choice for rail, truck and tank linings.

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Cost effective alternatives for applications where cosmetic requirements are less stringent.

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Adhesives / Activators

Our complete line of adhesive systems for bonding natural and synthetic rubber linings to metal substrates. Activators for promoting vulcanization of our chemical cure repair systems.

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Numeric Listing

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Chemical Resistance Tables

An interactive tool to help match your chemical and temperature conditions with the right Polycorp product.

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