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The Polycorp brand represents decades of proven product performance and customer support.

About Us

Polycorp Ltd is a privately owned Canadian Company that specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered elastomeric parts that provide our customers with cost effective solutions to their corrosion, abrasion, impact, noise and vibration problems.

Polycorp has built eminence, and a reputation, as a market leader, in three distinct areas:

  • Mining: Grinding Mill Liners
  • Industrial: Protective Linings
  • Transportation: Track Encapsulation Systems

The commonality of these products lines is the use of polymer based materials, primarily rubber, for abrasion, impact, contamination and/or chemical protection. Each of the three divisions have different manufacturing processes; different formulations; different suppliers; different technical specifications; different markets; different competitors and therefore distinct strategies and opportunities for the Company.

Polycorp is the successor to the BFGoodrich Engineering Products of Canada. In 1996, Polycorp was established by acquiring the assets, patents, and intellectual property from the former BFGoodrich. A state of the art manufacturing facility was established in Elora Canada incorporating the equipment, knowledge and most importantly the employees of the former BFGoodrich.

In 2002, Polycorp expanded by purchasing Polymeric Protective Linings from RJF International Corporation creating the largest custom linings manufacturer in North America. This purchase reunited two leaders in the rubber industry that were previously part of BFGoodrich Protective Linings. Both divisions were instrumental in the development of many specialized products and processes which are benchmarks for quality and reliability in our industry today.

Polycorp designs and manufactures engineered polymer products for a broad range of customers in the transportation, mining and protective linings sectors. The Company’s products are produced at our modern 100,000+ square-foot, ISO 9001 certified facility using state of the art manufacturing procedures. It is staffed by an experienced workforce, with many years of rubber manufacturing experience and a management team that is committed to providing you, the customer, with quality polymer solutions to fit your unique requirements.

Polycorp services our customers through a direct sales force and a network of sales agents world-wide.

The Polycorp brand represents decades of proven product performance and customer support. We stand committed to your satisfaction with the best solution for your application.


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